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Course Rules
1. Foursomes only! There are no exceptions on weekends & holidays. On days when the course is closed (Ladies Day, Men’s Day & tournaments) golfers are expected to use the course in the manner management has set for that day. 2. Keep carts off the fairways as much as possible. 3. Keep carts a MINIMUM of 30 feet from the greens. Never drive between sand traps and greens, and protect fairways as much as possible. 4. All golfers must register at the clubhouse. 5. Start on #1 tee. This is expected at all times on weekends and holidays. During the week if the course is not full, players may start on the other holes with permission of the clubhouse management as long as they do not hold up play. 6. Soft spikes only on the course and in the clubhouse. 7. Repair ball marks on greens, replace fairway divots and rake sand traps after you play in them. 8. Rental carts: Never have more than two in the cart. Children under the age of 16 may not drive rental carts. 9. All liquor on the course is to be purchased at the clubhouse. 10. Children are welcome to play; however, no child under age 12 is permitted to play without adult supervision and no child under 14 is allowed on the course Saturday after 1:00 pm, all day Sunday, and holidays unless accompanied by an adult. 11. No child under the age of 14 is allowed to drive anyone’s personal golf cart unless accompanied by an adult. 12. Play on the course is prohibited on the day of the tournament by the USGA rules.