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SCHLESWIG COMMUNITY GOLF COURSE INC April 1, 2019 First, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to the construction of our new clubhouse and its surrounding landscaping. It is beautiful and will be appreciated by many generations to come. The clubhouse cost $575,000 and another $72,400 was donated in equipment and services for a total of $647,400. We had to borrow $122,886.36. Payments will be $11,337.04 for 15 years. There has been $4,010 donated to this year’s payment already – thank you very much! The board would like to try to pay for this clubhouse in three to five years by having fund-raisers and by setting up the following pledge for potential donations. Just think, if 100 members would sign this pledge, the clubhouse note would be paid for in three years. Please note that any size donations are appreciated. If you are interested in this pledge, please sign the pledge, state how you would like to make the donation, and send back to the Schleswig Community Golf Club, PO Box 326, Schleswig, IA 51461. Thank you very much for considering this and any donation. We appreciate everything! Please make a special effort to play in tournaments and join us for all our special events. We do our best to give you a variety of events that are fun and reasonably priced. This is YOUR club – come and support it as often as you can. Sincerely, Schleswig Community Golf Course President, Board of Directors “I pledge $500 for three years to the Schleswig Golf Course. I understand that the entire amount will be applied to the building note. This donation can be paid for all at once or paid according to my ability; whether it be monthly or on any schedule that suits me. Please feel free to change the dollar amount.” Name:_______________________________________ Signed:_________________________________ Yearly:______________________ Monthly:_____________________ Other:______________________